Challenge Overview

3M is committed to building a community of young innovators with ideas to build a better nation and capable of global leadership.

India is poised to get into higher growth curve and stronger global leadership with every passing year since we are one of the few countries in the world with growing economics. We are also one of the most exciting emerging markets globally that has created lucrative opportunities for both global and domestic players. The country’s sustained development is highly attributed to the constant innovation surfacing across sectors and its young population - one of the biggest assets. And finally not to forget that India is in the midst of experiencing start up boom - by 2020, 10,000+ new start ups to emerge!

Disruptive ideas and conducive startup ecosystem today is helping us to tackle India’s specific problems head on by leveraging new technology and innovative business models - both economically & socially. We need new ideas beyond mere product oriented solutions or technological edges that could have optimistic impact on our ways of living. Our youth is a powerhouse of energy and ideas who can embed sustainability solutions to create security for our planet, beyond just nation. 3M has undertaken the mission to source, recognize and support such young innovators who lead next generation of sustainable solutions.

3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge seeks to find outstanding ideas and new projects from young innovators communities that either has a tech-edge (be it a product or application) or is an inclusive process or a disruptive service - that can contribute towards building a progressive country in the global landscape. Do you have an idea or an innovation to share that can ignite the next generation solution to the last mile in creating a better India? If yes, this competition is for you to participate and take advantage of the platform.