Announcing the Winners of 3M-CII’s ‘Young Innovators Challenge Award 2017’.

Announcing the finalists of Young Innovators Challenge Award 2017
June 23, 2017
Winners of 3M-CII’s ‘Young Innovators Challenge Award 2017’ felicitated at the CII Innovation Summit
July 17, 2017
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Announcing the Winners of 3M-CII’s ‘Young Innovators Challenge Award 2017’.

4th Season! 345+ participants! 62 Semi-Finalists! 16 top Finalists pitched to Jury! And now – Winners of 2017 selected! 3M India & Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), once again completed the 4th cycle of the Young Innovators Challenge Awards’ to bring forward 6 very innovative ideas that has the potential of changemaking at large! Take a look – winners are listed in random order and their positions will be unveiled at the India Innovation Summit 2017, organized by CII on July 13th in Bangalore.




Project Title: Greenvillips Vintage

Participant(s): Venus Mohan Chaudhary, ICAR CIRCOT. Mumbai, Chetan Dilip Pawar, Accutest Biologics Pvt. Ltd.; Pooja Sunil Sainkar, Lupin Pharma, Pune

Idea Summary: The innovation deals with utilizing industrial waste (crude glycerol) for production of Nanocellulose and its aerogels, for air purification technology.


Project Title: USR: Point of Care testing device for rapid diagnostics tests focusing on Chronic Diseases and Nutrition.

Participant (s):  Zeeshan Anjum,  Malhar Khakharia & Avinash Suresh Joshi from CareNX Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Idea Summary: Universal Strip Reader (USR) is a smartphone-assisted Point of Care diagnostic and screening device. It facilitates multiple diagnostic and screening tests with a single device within minutes at half of the current cost.




Project Title: Starting up a spice marketing enterprise in a village

Participant Name: Ayush Sinha from SBI Youth for India Fellowship- AKRSP(I)

Idea Summary: 6 women belonging to the Halpati tribal community (a marginalized tribal group) living in Karachka – a remote village of Surat district – have started a spice making and marketing enterprise which is up and running since 15 months.


Project Title: Khetmajoor- Ecosystem for culture tourism

Participant Name: Chintan M Patel, Symbiosis Centre For Management and Human Resource Management

Idea Summary: The Primary objective of this startup is to promote exotic rural tourism in India by incorporating attraction and adventure around nature and Indian farming community. Exotic factor aims to include rural tourism, farm stays, health tourism, sports tourism, jungle/hills stay, roadside/riverside stays, heritage tourism etc.




Project Title: dHive: Rural Innovation Studio

Participant Name: Krishna Thiruvengadam from SBI Youth for India Fellowship

Idea Summary: Project dHive- Rural Innovation studio enables rural children and youth in developing appropriate technologies using locally available resources. The studio, located in a tribal village Lobhi of Maharashtra, is a platform where local issues are solved locally, by inculcating design thinking and problem solving skills through a participatory approach.


Project Title: Mimaansa’s Remedial education & mental health program in Municipal Schools for Learning Disabled

Participant (s): Poojaa Joshi Samant &  Sweta Chatterjee from Mimaansa

Idea Summary: Mimaansa works towards capacity building of municipal schools to better accommodate students with LD in the mainstream classroom, i.e. inclusive education. Program includes early detection and remediation for students with LD along with Art Based Counseling Program for students and Teacher Training Program for municipal school teachers.


The Challenge has grown to be the league of young changemakers and selecting winners each year is becoming tougher due to such bright ideas participating. Nevertheless, congratulations to all the finalists, semi-finalists and participants for their outstanding innovations that has great potential to grow into viable institutions. 3M & CII  acknowledges the strength of youth-led innovations that can contribute towards creating a powerful nation.  


Stay tuned!

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